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LandWatch has supported numerous projects that include affordable housing.  Monterey County has had opportunities to incorporate affordable housing for those with incomes below the area average. There are two ways to accomplish affordable units: require their construction or take in-lieu fees for a future project. LandWatch supports actual construction because it delivers affordable units within a specified time, instead of stockpiling in-lieu fees and possibly never constructing them.

There are several housing-related topics we are tracking. The first is affordable housing covered on this page. The second is employer-sponsored housing. This material is found on a different LandWatch webpage.

Supported Projects

These are the housing projects that LandWatch has supported:


    City of Pacific Grove - 301 Grand Avenue

    Other Projects

    • Two Farmworker Housing Projects Advance
      The Avila Construction Company and Harvest Moon Projects, in Greenfield and Salinas respectively, are moving forward through the building permitting process. Each project would provide much needed farmworker housing to the local agricultural operators. (07.02.20)

    • Castroville Affordable Units Open
      The Monterey County Housing Authority Development Corporation  launched its grand opening of the Castroville Farmworker Housing project.  The $30 million project includes 54 state of the art units for low income farmworkers, including two, three and four bedroom apartments. (11.30.17)
    • LandWatch Supports Greenfield Agricultural Worker Housing (456K PDF file)
      LandWatch is pleased to support the agricultural worker housing project that Avila Construction proposed. The project serves a critical need for clean, safe, convenient, and affordable housing for as many as 1,344 agricultural workers. The project will facilitate access to public and employee-provided transportation, thus reducing carbon emissions and traffic. We urge the City's timely approval of the project. (09.19.18)
    • LandWatch Comments on Casa Boronda Agricultural Employee Housing (483K PDF file)
      LandWatch is pleased to offer its strong support for the Casa Boronda Agricultural Employee Housing project. (09.13.17)
    • LandWatch Launches Affordable Housing Research
      Housing policy and the provision of affordable housing have been among LandWatch's top priorities since our founding in 1997. Last year we began to collect data on housing in Monterey County in order to better understand what we can do to address the critical shortage of affordable and workforce housing. View the data. (05.25.17)
    • Supply and Support of Affordable Housing Projects
      In examining housing prices, supply is clearly an issue. But so is demand. What drives demand for housing in Monterey County? Jobs, second (vacation) homes, investment homes, and other market forces. LandWatch supported the construction of several affordable housing projects, including: Pebble Beach, Tanimura & Antle, and Salinas Inclusionary Housing. (05.25.17)

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