Fort Ord Area Issues & Actions:

Fort Ord Area General Issues

There are a lot of proposals in the Fort Ord area that have required our short and long-term attention. Many of the proposals have impacts to water sources, conversion of natural lands, and traffic.

LandWatch Position: Varies by Topic

Project Status: Varies by topic

City of Seaside – Bayonet and Black Horse Golf Course

City of Seaside – General Issues

    • MST SURF! Briefing Presentation
      LandWatch partnered with MST to host a scoping meeting virtually on the MST SURF! Busway and Bus Rapid Transit Project. The Zoom meeting recording is available, as are the presentation slides. (3.5M PDF file) (09.09.20)

City of Seaside – Main Gate Specific Plan Amendment

City of Seaside – Monterey Family Justice Center

City of Seaside - Campus Town

City of Seaside - Nurses Barracks

Monterey County - East Garrison

    • Supervisors Adjust Contract for Affordable Units
      Instead of linking the market rate units to the affordable ones, the Monterey County Board of Supervisors revised the agreement with the developer to untie the two pieces.  This allows time for the developer to find funding for the affordable units. (07.09.19)

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