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Local Impacts of Climate Change

Michael DeLapa, Executive Director of LandWatch Monterey County, spoke to the The League of Women Voters of Monterey County about the impacts of climate change locally, including changes in temperature and precipitation patterns, projected rise in sea levels along the Monterey County coastline, and increased risks of wildfires throughout the County.

Overtourism in Big Sur

Concerns about tourism at Big Sur has been exacerbated by advertising, media, and social media inflating the problem to overtourism. There are many conflicts between residents and tourists due to lack of infrastructure (roads, parking, etc.), reduced response times to emergency situations by safety personnel due to miles-long traffic congestion on a single road through the region, increased hotel rooms nearby with no mass transit or shuttling to destinations, and the increased risk from more people causing destruction of the natural resources (like increase in wildfire ignitions and littering).  Partnerships, better planning, and improvements in Big Sur, and nearby communities, can help reduce the impacts and improve the visitor experience as well as the quality of life for local residents.


Understanding Groudwater: Our Greatest Resource

Our local groundwater is being depleted at a rate faster than it can recharge from rainfall due to overpumping and impacts from seawater intrusion. Most of the Salinas Valley is dependent on groundwater and water is pivotal to the success of the agricultural industry. In fact, one quarter of all jobs in the Valley are related to agriculture. We produce 424 million pounds of produce exported throughout the globe. But, our groundwater is a finite natural resource and the impacts of overuse can be seen already. Recent legislation was signed by the Governor in California focused on sustainable management of groundwater resources. The creation of the Salinas Valley Basin Groundwater Sustainability Agency is tasked with planning for sustainable use of this precious resource. (9/20/19)


The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)

CEQA Workshop

LandWatch Monterey County and Sustainable Seaside held a workshop on the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) to inform residents about how the public can participate in CEQA by providing three expert panelists. (12.02.14)

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Accessory Dwelling Units: Advising Homeowners

The Portland State University Urban Sustainability Accelerator held a webinar called “Accessory Dwelling Units: Advising Homeowners.” This presentation was part of the Urban Sustainability Accelerator's ADU Cohort Program for 2018-19