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LandWatch YouTube Videos

LandWatch is pleased to add YouTube videos to its website. Visitors can view the video on the website or view it on YouTube.

LandWatch YouTube Videos


Community General Plan

On January 11, 2005, eighteen community groups presented this “Community General Plan" to the Monterey County Board of Supervisors. The Community General Plan consists of seven elements mandated by state law, plus two “optional" elements, an “Agriculture Element" and an “Administration and Enforcement" Element. This document is a fully-integrated, complete, and legally adequate General Plan that meets state law requirements. It is based upon the Twelve Guiding Objectives adopted by the County Board of Supervisors, and in all other respects fully conforms to what the Board of Supervisors has said that it wants the new, updated Monterey County to be.

Community General Plan (HTML and PDF versions)

State of the County

The LandWatch State of Monterey County report has been acknowledged as a definitive statement about land use policy and current development in Monterey County. The State of Monterey County report gives "grades" to Monterey County local governments, as a way of letting the public know how well they're doing. It provides an accurate numerical report on approved and pending development projects.

State of the County 1999 (HTML Version)

State of the County 1999 (PDF Version)

State of the County 1999 Executive Summary (PDF Version)

State of the County 1999 -- Spanish (HTML Version)

State of the County 1998 (HTML Version)

State of the County 1998 (PDF Version)

State of the County 1998 -- Spanish (HTML Version)

Land Use And The General Plan

This important publication is a LandWatch "Best Policies" Guidebook. It outlines a set of recommended General Plan policies to address key planning issues, including affordable housing, the preservation of agricultural land, property rights, natural resource protection, water, permit process reform, and transportation and transit. This Guidebook was made possible by a generous grant from the Clarence E. Heller Charitable Foundation. A summary of the Guidebook is available as a PowerPoint slideshow, HTML file, and a PDF file.

Land Use And The General Plan - Full Guidebook
If you'd like to receive a copy of the full guidebook, "Land Use and the General Plan" (and we hope you will), please download a version below (high resolution version or low resolution version). You may also contact our office to request a paper copy.

Full PDF Version (low resolution images) (3.7 MB)

Land Use And The General Plan Summary Presentation

HTML Version

PDF Version (3.6MB)

Power Point Version (7.3MB)

For more information, please contact:

Amy White, Director
LandWatch Monterey County
Box 1876
Salinas, CA 93902
Telephone: 831-759-2824
FAX: 831-759-2825


"Room Enough" Report

The ìRoom Enoughî reports documents an exhaustive and rigorous analysis of developable land in Monterey County. Land Systems Group, consultants to LandWatch, have demonstrated that there is no need to expand development onto rural and agricultural lands, in order to meet projected housing needs.

Room Enough Cover Letter to the Monterey County Board of Supervisors

HTML Version (09/16/02)

PDF Version (09/16/02)

Room Enough Report

HTML Version (09/16/02)

PDF Version (09/16/02)


Perspectives on the Land

In this section we will be presenting articles that reflect on the philosophies of land use and our relationship with the land.

by Nicki McMahan

Too High or Too Low
by Barny Brantingham of the Santa Barbara Coastline Newspaper

LandWatch Monterey County Needs You
by Mike DeLapa

Overview And Accomplishments of The Oregon And Metro Portland Planning Programs
Prepared by Robert Liberty, Director, 1000 Friends of Oregon

The Next 25 Years
Remarks By Robert Liberty

Beyond Sprawl: New Patterns of Growth to Fit the New California
by Bank America

Takings: Legislation Versus the Judeo-Christian Land Ethic
by Ann Alexander, Fred Clark, Fred Krueger, and Stan LeQuire

The Moral Foundations of Metropolitan Regional Planning
by Robert Liberty

A Biblical Perspective on Land Stewardship
by Eugene Loh, Ph.D.

Bug In A Bottle
A little “parable" by Peter Scott

Quotes on the Land
In this section we present brief quotations that can help us reflect upon our relationship with the land.


Miscellaneous Articles on Land Use and Planning

The Story of Santa Cruz County's Measure J (08/18/02)
Measure J was a referendum ballot measure enacted by the voters of Santa Cruz County in 1978. Authored by LandWatch Executive Director Gary Patton, Measure J has proven to be one of the most successful growth management systems ever implemented in the State of California. This 1984 article tells the story of Measure J. The text of Measure J is appended.

Text of Measure J (PDF file 230K)

The Story of Measure J (PDF file 739K)

Land Use Planning and the Takings Clause (updated 5/15/02)
Does regulating land use mean that a local government is exposed to a "takings" claim, a claim that the government needs to pay a landowner for taking away his or her property rights? Read our Takings Handbook to find out. If youíd like to order a hard copy for $5, please contact the LandWatch office. A PDF version of this document is available here (116K).

Affordable Housing Ideas
These Notes on Affordable Housing were prepared by Frank Brunings in
connection with a presentation he made on October 27, 2001. Frank has had extensive experience, and his ideas and examples are well worth considering. Some of the concepts Frank discusses can be incorporated into the upcoming General Plan Updates now in preparation by Monterey County local governments.

Subdivision Profitability
David L. Fried, Ph.D., a LandWatch member and a physicist by training, provides an informed discussion of the kind of profits that subdivision developments ordinarily bring to the developer. He then raises the question, "What concessions and/or public investments should developers make in exchange for the opportunity to make huge sums of money?"

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