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  • Tourism Industry Can Support Sustainable Land Use
    The hotel and tourism industry already asks patrons to reuse towels and reduce water use, but we all benefit from sustainable land use planning. These tourism-based entities can promote infill projects, better transit and active transportation options, protecting our oceans. (07.05.17)
  • Land Use And The General Plan
    This important publication is a LandWatch "Best Policies" Guidebook. It outlines a set of recommended General Plan policies to address key planning issues, including affordable housing, the preservation of agricultural land, property rights, natural resource protection, water, permit process reform, and transportation and transit. This Guidebook was made possible by a generous grant from the Clarence E. Heller Charitable Foundation. A summary of the Guidebook is available as a PowerPoint slideshow, HTML file, and a PDF file.

    If you'd like to receive a copy of the full guidebook, "Land Use and the General Plan" (and we hope you will), please download a version below (high resolution version or low resolution version). You may also contact our office to request a paper copy.

  • "Room Enough" Report
    The "Room Enough" reports documents an exhaustive and rigorous analysis of developable land in Monterey County. Land Systems Group, consultants to LandWatch, have demonstrated that there is no need to expand development onto rural and agricultural lands, in order to meet projected housing needs.

  • State of the County
    The LandWatch State of Monterey County report has been acknowledged as a definitive statement about land use policy and current development in Monterey County. The State of Monterey County report gives "grades" to Monterey County local governments, as a way of letting the public know how well they're doing. It provides an accurate numerical report on approved and pending development projects.

LandWatch Op-Eds

  • Tourism Industry Can Support Sustainable Land Use
    This OpEd written by Laura Davis and Michael De Lapa focuses on how the hotel and tourism industry can promote infill projects, better transit and active transportation options, protecting our oceans. These sustainable planning decisions will benefit all of us—tourists and businesses included. (07.05.17)

  • Roundabouts Needed in Monterey-Salinas
    This OpEd by Matthew Sundt outlines why roundabouts are a better solution for our intersections than the standard signalized (or non-signalized) intersections. Statistics show they reduce fatal impacts by 90%. (06.10.17)
  • Ferrini Ranch, CEQA, and the denial of reality
    LandWatch pens this OpEd outlining significant concerns with the County's approval of the Ferrini Ranch project. Not only did the county not follow its own General Plan, but it also failed to comply with state environmental laws as well. LandWatch filed a lawsuit on the project approvals. (01.04.17)
  • Beyond Monterey Downs: Bringing jobs to Seaside
    Mike De Lapa writes about the remarkable and unprecedented challenges facing the Monterey Downs project, proposed in the City of Seaside. Numerous issues may mean the project never gets built, but it is high time the City actually followed the community's vision. (11.19.16)
  • LandWatch Monterey County Needs You
    Traffic, sprawling developments, poor air quality, over-crowded schools—the things we don't want to happen in our community, will if low density residential projects keep getting approved. LandWatch needs your help to stop the sprawl. (12.18.97)

Perspectives on the Land

In this section we will be presenting articles that reflect on the philosophies of land use and our relationship with the land.

LandWatch YouTube Video Channel

LandWatch is pleased to add YouTube videos to its website. Visitors can view the video on the website or view it on YouTube.


KUSP Land Use Report

For 15 years (2001-2016) LandWatch founding executive director Gary Patton presented a Monterey County land use report on local radio station KUSP 5 days a week. These short news broadcasts informed the public on the land use issues around the county. These transcripts of his broadcasts are very interesting historical look at land use issues in the county.