Landwatch Publication Archives

These more historical documents are retained to provide a full picture of the work that LandWatch has engaged in over the years. This gives interested parties a view into past positions, policy work, and efforts by our organization.

KUSP Land Use Report

For 15 years (2001-2016) LandWatch founding executive director Gary Patton presented a Monterey County land use report on local radio station KUSP 5 days a week. These short news broadcasts informed the public on the land use issues around the county. These transcripts of his broadcasts are very interesting historical look at land use issues in the county.

"Room Enough" Report

The "Room Enough" reports documents an exhaustive and rigorous analysis of developable land in Monterey County. Land Systems Group, consultants to LandWatch, have demonstrated that there is no need to expand development onto rural and agricultural lands, in order to meet projected housing needs.

State of the County

The LandWatch State of Monterey County report has been acknowledged as a definitive statement about land use policy and current development in Monterey County. The State of Monterey County report gives "grades" to Monterey County local governments, as a way of letting the public know how well they're doing. It provides an accurate numerical report on approved and pending development projects.