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LandWatch Updates Hybrid Regional Plan

Because of requirements to reduce water taken from the Carmel River, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) ordered California American (CalAm), the Peninsula’s major water purveyor, to develop a water supply project. CalAm’s proposal, known as the Coastal Water Project (CWP), focuses on a seawater desalination plant either at Moss Landing or North Marina. A draft environmental impact report (DEIR) evaluated the impacts of plants at these locations along with an alternative developed by local agencies referred to as the Regional Plan. The CPUC ultimately approved the Regional Plan. Due to a number of factors, CalAm withdrew its support of the Regional Plan and is developing an alternative to be presented to the CPUC in April 2012.

Meanwhile, and in light of new information, LandWatch has updated its 2009 Hybrid Regional Plan. The original Hybrid Regional Plan was developed in response to issues related to the Regional Plan and the large desalination facility that would extract source water from the Salinas Valley Groundwater Basin. A new opportunity to develop a water supply alternative that specifically addresses regulatory requirements for the Monterey Peninsula is now available with the demise of the Regional Project.

The Updated Hybrid Regional Plan is based on the following criteria:

  • A sustainable water supply that begins with existing resources before relying on desalination.
  • Size of desalination facility based on meeting demand after quantification of water availability for alternatives identified above.
  • Public financing of major capital projects including desalination facility.
  • Representation of Monterey Peninsula ratepayers in terms of project management and oversight.
  • Timely project implementation with consideration given to potential impediments.
  • Updated demand projections.
  • Water for growth addressed in a subsequent phase.

Download a copy of the Updated 2012 Hybrid Plan (24K PDF file).

The Carmel Valley Association and the League of Women Voters have already endorsed this Hybrid Regional Plan. If your organization wishes to support it please email LandWatch Monterey County.

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posted: 04.01.12

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