Ferrini Ranch DEIR Comments Due November 16th

Domain Corporation, the developer of the Ferrini Ranch property, applied to develop its 870 acres located south of Highway 68 between River Road and San Benancio Road. The Ferrini Ranch project consists of 212 residential lots, a 35 acre winery, and four private roadway parcels. As proposed, the development requires the removal of 921 protected oak trees and building roadways to/within the development on steep hillsides (greater than 30%).

The Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) has been released and comments are due by 5 PM to David Mack ( and the Clerk of the Board ( in Monterey County. View the project’s DEIR on the County website.

The four biggest issues related to this project have to do with scenic resources (viewshed), traffic, biological resources, and water.

The following images represent aerial views of the property, using Google Earth, showing Ferrini Ranch’s relationship to existing communities, roads, parks, and the general area. The yellow lines represent the development lots within the project boundary and the green area is Toro County Park. (Click on the thumbnail images below to enlarge)

Aerial view above Proposed Winery looking south along Highway 68
Aerial view above the intersection of Highway 68 and San Benancio Road looking north east.
Aerial view looking east above Toro Place Café
Aerial view above Toro County Park looking east
View from above San Benancio Road
View from above Toro Cafe
Aerial view above proposed Ferrini Ranch entry road off Highway 68
Aerial view above Toro Place Café looking south east
View from above Toro Cafe
View from above Toro Cafe
Aerial view above Toro County Park entry showing proposed Ferrini Ranch access road through the park.
Aerial view of proposed winery looking east toward River Road.

LandWatch encourages the public to submit comments on project and DEIR by Friday, November 16, 2012 at 5 PM. After the comments are reviewed the Response to Comments will be issued with the Final EIR, which will be scheduled for certification by the County Board of Supervisors at a later date.

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Posted 11.08.12