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Salinas Valley Issues & Actions:
City of Salinas Economic Development Element

The City of Salinas is drafting an Economic Development Plan within its existing (2002) General Plan to create jobs and generate revenue. The City recognizes the region to be one of the epicenters of agricultural production in the nation. The City wants to capitalize on the agricultural components and add business innovation and agricultural technology.

Quick Facts

  • The project applicant is the City of Salinas.

  • The City of Salinas prepared a Economic Development Element to add to its 2002 General Plan.

  • The Plan is a tool to overcome various economic constraints and capture economic opportunities

  • The City of Salinas is the Lead Agency.

Project Status

Project Location Map

This map shows the General Plan Land Use and Circulation Map

Full Size Map (1.6M PDF file)

Credit: City of Salinas Economic Development Element (April 2014)

This map shows the Focused Growth Areas of the Economic Development Element.

Full Size Map (1.1M PDF file)

Credit: City of Salinas Economic Development Element (April 2014)

Resources At Risk

  • Consider Alternatives to Annexation 
    Lack of available land for commercial and industrial development is identified as a major constraint to economic growth throughout the document. The element should address a general plan amendment that would redesignate the 3,400 acres currently designated for residential development that have remain largely vacant for the past 12 years.

  • Inadequate Use of Existing Areas of Commercial/Retail/Mixed Use
    The existing area within the City is designated for 3,992 million square feet of commercial/retail/mixed use and public and semi-public uses.  Please explain why more is needed when so much existing space is available.

  • Encourage Infill & Redevelopment 
    It is generally accepted that new commercial development on the boundaries of a local jurisdiction discourages infill. The element should include policies that require development within existing commercial and industrial areas prior to expanding to the areas adjacent to the City.

LandWatch Involvement

Project History

  • Ag vs. Houses – Salinas Plan Picks Houses
    Salinas is city amidst the farmlands. The City's economic development plan outlines conversion of prime ag lands (15,000 acres to be exact) to houses. Our very own Amy White commented that prime ag lands should be the very LAST resort. (12.03.15)

  • Debate Over Infill or Industry in Salinas
    Advocates relayed concern over the City’s Economic Development Plan, which threatens the agriculture in the City by replacing it with industrial complexes. The City Council unanimously approved the Plan on June 17. Next steps include evaluating costs, impacts and updates to the General Plan. (06.19.14)

  • Economic Development Plan Takes Land Out of Production
    The City unveiled a long-term economic development plan which is meant to guide the City over the next 35 years. The plan proposes to remove prime agricultural land from production. Many officials and advocates are concerned. LandWatch Executive Director Amy White is quoted in the article. (05.01.14)

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