Pebble Beach Condition of Approval Reworked by LandWatch

The Pebble Beach project includes 90-100 residential lots and the preservation of 635 acres of forest land. The developer, the Pebble Beach Company, sought to pay in-lieu fees for the mandated affordable housing rather than build the units themselves.

The Planning Commission, at its May 30th meeting, recommended that all affordable housing units be built on-site, instead of accepting in lieu fees for the units, unless an alternative site is found on the Peninsula. The housing, per the proposal by Commissioner Martha Diehl and the County’s ordinance, would need to be for moderate, low and very-low income levels.

The Board of Supervisors, at its June 19th meeting, planned to approve in lieu fees be paid by the developer instead of requiring units be built on site. This action was taken despite the Planning Commission’s recommendation and even though the County admits the fees may never actually build anything and affordable housing on the Peninsula is in great demand.

LandWatch worked to modify the language of the conditions of approval to only allow the in lieu fees be spent on actual construction of new affordable housing units on the Peninsula, instead of being spent on County administration. Though new affordable units won’t be built on the Pebble Beach site, funds are now set aside for their creation on the Peninsula and those funds can’t be squandered on items unrelated to affordable housing construction. This represents a win for affordable housing. LandWatch thanks the Board of Supervisors and the Pebble Beach Company for doing the right thing.

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posted 07.12.12