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Employer-Sponsored Affordable Housing

Recently, with LandWatch’s support, major employers in Monterey County have stepped up to provide affordable housing for their employees. This table summarizes the projects to date.

Project Applicant Approved # of Units # of Residents Housing Type Location Status
Boronda Villas Nunes, Hibino & Rodriguez families 08/2017 75 Up to 600 Agricultural Employee Salinas Valley Under Construction
Spreckels Crossing Tanimura & Antle 09/2015 100 Up to 800 Agricultural Employee Spreckels Constructed In Use
Pebble Beach Pebble Beach Company 08/2016 24 ~64 Employee Housing Next to Pacific Grove Under Construction
CHOMP Montage Health 03/2014 32 ~50 Short-term Rentals Monterey Under Construction

LandWatch encourages large employers in the region to help contribute to affordable housing as well. The information compiled in this table came from the California Employment Development Department and the City of Salinas. The area’s largest employers include, but are not limited to:

Employer Location # of Employees
Azcona Harvesting Greenfield 1,000-4,999
Breast Care Center Monterey 1,000-4,999
Bud of California Soledad 1,000-4,999
Casa Palmero Pebble Beach 1,000-4,999
Community Hospital Monterey Monterey 1,000-4,999
Naval Postgraduate School Monterey 1,000-4,999
Pebble Beach Co. Pebble Beach 1,000-4,999
Pebble Beach Resorts Pebble Beach 1,000-4,999
Premier Raspberries LLC Royal Oaks 1,000-4,999
Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare Salinas 1,000-4,999
Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital Salinas 1,000-4,999
Taylor Farms Salinas 1,000-4,999
Al Pak Labor Soledad 500-999
Cardiology Clinic Salinas 500-999
County-Monterey Behavioral King City 500-999
Dole Fresh Vegetables Co. Soledad 500-999
Hilltown Packing Co. Salinas 500-999
Misionero Vegetables Gonzales 500-999
Monterey County Social Services Committee Salinas 500-999
Monterey County Social Services Department Salinas 500-999
Natividad Medical Center Salinas 500-999
Quality Farm Labor Gonzales 500-999
RC Packing Gonzales 500-999
US Defense Department Seaside 500-999
US Defense Manpower Data Center Seaside 500-999
D’Arrigo Brothers Co Salinas Area Unknown
Mann Packing Co. Salinas Area Unknown
Monterey County Office of Education Salinas Area Unknown


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