Monterey Peninsula Issues and Actions

The Greater Monterey Peninsula Planning Area is bordered by the North County and Greater Salinas Planning Areas on the north, the Toro and Cachagua Planning Areas on the east, and the Coast Planning Area on the south. Within its boundaries lie the incorporated coastal cities of Monterey, Carmel, Seaside, Pacific Grove, Marina, Sand City, and Del Rey Oaks. Federal lands in the Planning Area include the 27,954-acre Fort Ord military reservation, the 392 acre Presidio of Monterey and approximately 9,000 acres of the Los Padres National Forest. The county’s general plan contains the Greater Monterey Peninsula Area Plan and it is one of eight area plans which address local issues. An area plan may be more specific than the General Plan because development opportunities, constraints, and natural resources of the Greater Monterey Peninsula Planning Area are unlike those in other parts of the County.

Current Projects on the Monterey Peninsula:

Del Rey Oaks Housing Element

To comply with the state’s requirement to update the housing element, the City of Del Rey Oaks approved a new element and submitted it to the state by the required deadline of December 31, 2019.

Project Proposed: 2019
LandWatch Position: Lawsuit Filed
Project Status: Housing Element Approved

Monterey Peninsula General Issues

The Monterey Peninsula has many important issues facing the area. LandWatch has been involved with these issues for more than a decade.

LW Position: Varies by Topic
Status: Varies by Topic

Archived Projects on the Monterey Peninsula:

City of Monterey General Plan

The City of Monterey was considering updated policies for its General Plan Update including revised language for its inclusionary housing ordinance.

Project Proposed: ~2002
LW Position: Supported Stronger Policies
Status: Approved with Stronger Policy Language

The Collection

This 26.46 acre coastal project proposes to build a 139 room hotel, a 203 room resort, and 758 parking spaces along the west side of State Route 1 in Sand City.

Project Proposed: 2012
LW Position: Recommends Denying the Project
Status: Pending Coastal Commission Approval

Laguna Seca

The project includes the construction of 104 residential condominium units in the Laguna Seca Office Park, the removal of 191 protected oak trees, and the widening of York Road.

Project Proposed: 2008
LW Position: Provided Comments
Status: Partially Approved

Monterey Bay Boatworks Expansion

The Monterey Bay Boatworks extension multiple extensions of existing docks and several new docks to accommodate guest vessels.

Project Proposed: 2011
LW Position: Provided Comments
Status: Lease Approved

Monterey Bay Shores Eco Resort

The Project includes 184 hotel rooms, 184 condominium units and extensive visitor facilities, including restaurants, spa, three swimming pools, and a conference center on 39 acres of coastal sand dunes in Sand City.

Project Proposed: 1998
LW Position: Commented on the EIR and to the Coastal Commission
Status: Tied Up with Foreclosure Litigation

North Fremont Specific Plan

The North Fremont Specific Plan serves as a guide for future development along North Fremont Street, an area identified by the General Plan as a “Mixed-Use Village”, which is a mix of residences, retail shops, services and jobs in close proximity. These areas are designed to be well served by transit.

Project Proposed: 2013
LW Position: Provided Comments
Status: Approved

Ocean View Plaza

Mixed use project consisting of retail space, a restaurant, condominiums, affordable housing, parking areas, and an on-site desalination plant.

Project Proposed: 2004
LW Position: Opposed the Project
Status: Approved

Pacific Grove Open Space Initiative

Citizen activists in Pacific Grove will soon be collecting signatures on a proposed initiative measure, to restrict future construction in areas within Pacific Grove that are zoned "O" for "Open Space."

Initiative Proposed: 2004

Pebble Beach (Del Monte Forest & Poppy Hills Golf Course)

The 900 acre site has a proposal for between 90 and 100 residential units and would preserve 635 acres of forest land. The Golf Course project included upgrades to the irrigation system and the removal of 533 trees.

Project Proposed: ~2011
LW Position: Support Affordable Housing Policy Commitments
Status: Approved with Policy Commitments

Pebble Beach Inclusionary Housing

In July 2012, the 900 acre site received approval for between 90 and 100 residential units and preserved 635 acres of forest land. The Pebble Beach project will now build inclusionary housing nearby.

Project Proposed: 2014
LandWatch Position: Supports Inclusionary Housing
Project Status: Approved


Plans for the new Master Plan of the Presidio of Monterey include two locations, the Presidio of Monterey and the Ord Military Community. Improvements focus on modernizing or replacing aging classrooms and dormitories and improving transportation circulation within the POM.

Project Proposed: 2011
LW Position: Provided Comments
Status: Unknown

Villas de Carmelo

The proposed Villas De Carmelo project is a subdivision to convert 10,350 square feet of an existing hospital structure into nine condo units and construct 37 additional condo units in the unincorporated County near Carmel off Highway 1.

Project Proposed: 2009
LW Position: Support Alternative 8
Status: Denied

Zipline At Jacks Peak Park

This project would add an aerial zipline course in Jacks Peak Park among the Monterey Pine trees.

Project Proposed: 2011
LW Position: Requested More Review
Status: EIR Being Written

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