2018 Monterey Mayor Candidate LandWatch Questionnaire Responses

In 2018, LandWatch solicited input from candidates for Mayor and City Council in the cities of Monterey . While LandWatch does not support or oppose any particular candidate this information is helpful to our members in understanding how their votes at the ballot box have the potential to influence land use policy locally.

All candidates are in alphabetical order

Land Use Policy - Affordable Housing

Willard P. McCrone Clyde Roberson
What is your position on affordable housing? Please be specific with regards to policies you support or oppose. Affordable/Workforce housing is the highest priority problem facing Monterey.  I worked for 15 years on the Planning Commission to develop plans to increase density and height restrictions in the areas along our transportation corridors.  The resultant Downtown Specific Plan and the North Fremont Specific Plan created the conditions and incentives for private developers to build the housing we need, but my opponent has been against higher density and increase height and has not done anything to move these approved plans forward. The city of Monterey is a leader in affordable housing.  We have  over 500 deed restricted units, just finished 18 units downtown, and 18 units on city owned property.  Monterey also has a wide grant program.
Do you support modifying city policies to make it easier and cheaper to build housing? If so, what specific policy changes do you support? Increasing height and density along corridors is necessary.  Decreasing parking requirements for new developments is also required to get the housing we want.  Millennials and Get Xers do not depend on autos as much as the older generation (like me).  Getting people out of their cars is the key to improving our traffic congestion, so our new housing developments should reflect that tenant/residents need only one or none parking spaces.  Parking lots are the bane of a livable city that sustains itself over time. We recently revised our ordiances to waive fees on environmental applicatons such as solar, etc., and would consider it for affordability as well.  We have given water credits for affordable units.
Do you support requiring developers to actually build inclusionary units instead of paying an “in lieu” fee? In lieu fees are a poor compromise for needed housing units.  Those fees are often not well spent for the purpose of affordable housing.  So I would take in lieu fees off the table of development alternatives. Yes, the units should be built.
Do you support requiring that “inclusionary housing” units be made permanently affordable, even upon resale? If not, please explain. Yes.  My plan would be to use public funding (possibly AB 1598 money) to purchase land and then ground lease to the developers.  The terms requiring permanent affordably for all units would be in the ground lease. Yes, our 500 units are permanent in Monterey.
Do you support requiring developers of hospitality, commercial and industrial projects that significantly increase demand for already scarce housing resources to also build workforce housing? Yes, I think these industrial employers must partner with the
City to develop housing affordable for their employees.  Their contribution would vary on  case by case basis.
WE should work in partnership with them, and when the opportunity arises, making housing part of any permits.
What other housing policies do you support or oppose? I believe that our FORA - Ft Ord property must be fast-tracked to confirm water availability from Marina Water District and zoned for higher density housing units.  The proposal for ground leasing the land Monterey already owns to private developers for creation of walking communities is a genuine prospect here, and with little cost to the City. Without a water supply, we are stymied.  I support a permanent, public owned water supply.

Water Supplies

Willard P. McCrone Clyde Roberson
What specific proposals do you support to ensure your community can meet its water demands without over-drafting groundwater aquifers or, if you live on the Monterey Peninsula, also the Carmel River? I support whichever plan will relieve our water restrictions on housing developments. I supp[ort MOW's efforts for recycling water and a publicly ownered desal. plant that does not harm the environment.
Do you support expansion of Pure Water Monterey as an alternative to building a desalination plant? Yes.  It appears that recycled water will deliver more water and at a much lower cost than desalination. Yes.

Sprawl Reduction

Willard P. McCrone Clyde Roberson
Do you support the creation of “urban growth boundaries” or expansion of the existing boundary as a way to prevent urban sprawl, and to insure that future growth is compact, efficient, and protective of the environment? If not, what measures would you support to prevent urban sprawl? If yes, will you sponsor an urban growth boundary in the upcoming year, and make it one of your top three priorities Our citizens voted to limit our boundaries more the a decade ago (Measure M?).  No further action is required in Monterey other than to be vigilant in resisting future attempts in that regard. When I was elected Myor the first time, I heped put a stop to urban sprawl on HW 68 which was proposed to be annexed to Monterey with 4000 houses and not infrastructure improvements.


Willard P. McCrone Clyde Roberson
New commercial developments and hotels create more trips and additional vehicle miles travelled on already overcrowded roads and highways. Both residents and visitors pay the price of delay and increased pollution. What specific traffic congestion relief solutions do you support? The ultimate solution to improving our traffic congestion is to create the conditions where people who work here can live here.  I Ould attempt to resurrect the express bus line and look seriously at a light rail spur to downtown Monterey, which has been dormant for about 5 years.   The possibility of an express route through the Presidio should also be explored. WE have a free MOnterey trolley which should be expanded to year round to get people out of their cars.  Also, we are working on synchronization of signals to improve traffic movement.
Do you support roundabouts on Highway 68 and other roads? What other transportation policies or practices have you seen that local governments should incorporate? I am a big supporter of roundabouts.  They work well here and I have seen them work at high speeds in Europe. I support  roundabouts and point to the successful one on Highway 1 at 68. We have several in our neighborhoods for traffic calming and safety.

Fort Ord Reuse Authority (FORA)

Willard P. McCrone Clyde Roberson
What is your position on the Fort Ord Reuse Authority? Do you believe the Authority has achieved its original goals? If so, what evidence do you cite? FORA has been slow to accomplish its original mission, nd will not have done so until all old buildings are removed or remedied. WE have had extensive hearings on this, and I think a hybrid continuation of FORA is necessary to finish the job.
Which do you support: 1) sunsetting the Authority in 2020 as current legislation contemplates or 2) extending the Authority beyond that date? If you support extending it, please explain why. I would favor extending it to complete its mission. It needs to be extended, perhaps in a different form, to be sure affordable housing and infrastruture are completed.
What is your position on the Eastside Parkway/Freeway/Road? I have none. Concerns but no position.


Willard P. McCrone Clyde Roberson
If you are elected, what will be your top three priorities? Workforce Housing, restored Transparency, and buildout of the Waterfront and Downtown Plans. Maintaining our quality of life, budget, and safety.
What land use policies are you willing to champion for the community? Higher density and increased heights for appropriate areas of the City to enable the substantial remedy of our workforce housing shortage. I am supportive of Landwatch's efforts for responsible, environmentally sound planning and HW 68 roundabouts.
What accomplishments in your career or public service are you most proud of? Other than my accomplishments in my military war and professional law careers, I am most proud of fostering the Waterfront, Downtown, and North Fremont Plans. The MOnterey Sports Center, the Neighborhood Improvement Program, stopping hotel building on our waterfront, and keeping Monterey's small town feeling.


Willard P. McCrone Clyde Roberson
Occupation retired Mayor, Retired teacher
Years Lived in Area 44 50
Education BS at United States Military Academy (1968); J.D. University of Virginia (1974) BA, 2 teacging credentials
Experience Decorated Combat Veteran, now disabled from War exposure; Private practice of law specializing in real estate and business, 1974 to 2012; 18 years Planning Commissioner (1997 - 2015);  10 years Parks and Recreation Commissioner;  Chairman, Lower Presidio Historic Park Committee of Old Monterey Foundation. 24 years on the city council, four years on Library Board


LandWatch Monterey County compiled and distributed this questionnaire to 71 mayoral and city council candidates on the November 2018 ballot. LandWatch is a nonpartisan, nonprofit educational organization that does not endorse, support or oppose individual candidates or political parties. Replies from candidates are printed as received. LandWatch is not responsible for the content. Candidates are listed in alphabetical order. No part of this questionnaire may be reproduced without permission of LandWatch, or used in any way that may be construed to be an endorsement of an individual's candidacy or views by LandWatch.

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