2018 Carmel Mayor Candidate LandWatch Questionnaire Responses

In 2018, LandWatch solicited input from candidates for Mayor and City Council in the cities of Monterey . While LandWatch does not support or oppose any particular candidate this information is helpful to our members in understanding how their votes at the ballot box have the potential to influence land use policy locally.

All candidates are in alphabetical order

Land Use Policy - Affordable Housing

Steve g. Dallas Dave Potter
What is your position on affordable housing? Please be specific with regards to policies you support or oppose. Affordable housing is needed as well as work force housing.  I would support both and give bonus density and intensives to development to get this achieved. Affordable housing is one of the most critical issues facing our communities.  I support a higher percentage of affordable housing that should be included in every development project.
Do you support modifying city policies to make it easier and cheaper to build housing? If so, what specific policy changes do you support? Only if it was to go to moderate,low and work force housing including giv ing bonus density and intensives to development I would support policy changes specifically to support projects with affordable housing, but not not just to build housing.  Specifically I would support increases of percentages for affordable housing, and a reduction or elimination of associated city fees.
Do you support requiring developers to actually build inclusionary units instead of paying an “in lieu” fee? yes Yes. 
Do you support requiring that “inclusionary housing” units be made permanently affordable, even upon resale? If not, please explain. yes Yes.
Do you support requiring developers of hospitality, commercial and industrial projects that significantly increase demand for already scarce housing resources to also build workforce housing? yes but we need to  give bonus density and intensives to developments and developers.  They will build but we need to work together to make this happen. Yes.
What other housing policies do you support or oppose? I support good development which includes low,moderate and workforce housing for our workers,teachers and other but at the same time making sure to protect our natural resource and our environment everyday possible.   Development can be great if it is done right and it benefits the whole community not just the developer. Healthy communities are those where people live and work in the same region.  Inclusionary housing should be truly inclusionary. 

Water Supplies

Steve g. Dallas Dave Potter
What specific proposals do you support to ensure your community can meet its water demands without over-drafting groundwater aquifers or, if you live on the Monterey Peninsula, also the Carmel River? Water has been a debate since I was born  here in Carmel over 50 years ago which we still have not solved the issue.   We as a community need to keep working forward in finding all water resources to keep us off the river.  I am always open to hearing all ideas some which may work and other may not but keeping a open mind and working together we will get this water issue solved but we all need to work TOGETHER as a community now and for the future generations. I support aquifer storage and recovery, additional use of reclaimed water, decommissioning of the San Clemente Dam, and State order 95-10 mandating a solution to the overpumping of the Carmel River.
Do you support expansion of Pure Water Monterey as an alternative to building a desalination plant? If the Desal plant is not approved at the PUC then I would look at ALL alternatives immediately including Pure Water Monterey and other ideas that are easy to solve. I support the expansion of Pure Water Monterey as a way to augment the water supply in concert with desal, so long as the desal component doesn't harm or threaten the coastal and marine resources.

Sprawl Reduction

Steve g. Dallas Dave Potter
Do you support the creation of “urban growth boundaries” or expansion of the existing boundary as a way to prevent urban sprawl, and to insure that future growth is compact, efficient, and protective of the environment? If not, what measures would you support to prevent urban sprawl? If yes, will you sponsor an urban growth boundary in the upcoming year, and make it one of your top three priorities n/a to Carmel by the Sea.  First and foremost we must protect the environment now and for the future generations to come. I certainly support the urban growth boundary, but the City of Carmel-by-the-Sea already has an established 1x1 square mile growth boundary so this shouldn't be  an issue in this area.


Steve g. Dallas Dave Potter
New commercial developments and hotels create more trips and additional vehicle miles travelled on already overcrowded roads and highways. Both residents and visitors pay the price of delay and increased pollution. What specific traffic congestion relief solutions do you support? HWY 156 expansion would be nice it is a long time coming here on the Monterey Peninsula we only have road 2 lane road out of this are and we need improvements. I have always championed the expansion of passenger rail service throughout the State of California, and specific to this area, commuter rail service from San Francisco to Salinas and the Monterey Peninsula.  I currently chair the Coast Rail Coordinating Council which covers San Francisco to San Diego.  I also support expanded bike lanes, ride share programs, employee provided bus passes for workers and dedicated bus rapid transit programs.
Do you support roundabouts on Highway 68 and other roads? What other transportation policies or practices have you seen that local governments should incorporate? The Hwy 68 roundabout seems to be work out quite nicely.  I would look to TAMC to come up with other traffic mitigation ideas thought out Monterey County. Yes.  Same as above.

Fort Ord Reuse Authority (FORA)

Steve g. Dallas Dave Potter
What is your position on the Fort Ord Reuse Authority? Do you believe the Authority has achieved its original goals? If so, what evidence do you cite? Alternate to Council Member Reimers on FORA.   NO board our Council is perfect but we try our best to do what is right and I always look to the future generation what impact it may have on them. The Fort Ord Reuse plan remains incomplete.  Some of the goals have been achieved, but not all of them.  The Habitat Management Plan hasn't been funded or implemented entirely yet, and the visual blight still remains.
Which do you support: 1) sunsetting the Authority in 2020 as current legislation contemplates or 2) extending the Authority beyond that date? If you support extending it, please explain why. I prefer not to answer because this issue may come before the board which i might have to vote on and it would not be fair, since i keep a open mind and do not take a position till I have heard from the general public and other board members at a open hearing. I think it should be extended because I don't believe the individual jurisdictions have the expertise or funding to complete the plan as envisioned.
What is your position on the Eastside Parkway/Freeway/Road? I prefer not to answer because this issue may come before the board which i might have to vote on and it would not be fair, since i keep a open mind and do not take a position till I have heard from the general public and other board members at a open hearing.   We must always try to work TOGETHER for the entire community now and in the future. A modified alignment of the Eastside Parkway proposal that minimizes environmental impacts should be explored.  


Steve g. Dallas Dave Potter
If you are elected, what will be your top three priorities? Measure D, Cal Pers, Environment Transparency, fiscal responsibility, public participation in decision making.
What land use policies are you willing to champion for the community? Low, Moderate and Work Force housing this is a must if we want to be a healthy community for years to come. Carmel-by-the-Sea has spent decades preserving their heritage, character, quality of life and being great stewards of the environment.  We need to ensure that we continue to protect this region. 
What accomplishments in your career or public service are you most proud of? In my 2 years as serving as the Mayor of Carmel I am so proud what we have gotten done in the city of Carmel by the Sea.   We have done more great project  completed than every before but always keeping our eye on the big picture. We were the first city in California to ban all plastics including plastic straws  it was a grass roots effort from out River School 3rd and 5th graders (which come an visit city hall one time per year).   Being born and raised here if is the best feeling in the world seeing that I Mayor Steve Dallas can make a difference now and for future generations it is just a awesome feeling you can not imagine  this is why I am seeking re-election.  I want to continue to work with all the resident, business owners and the next generation of kids.  Working TOGETHER we can make a difference. I have served my community for several decades, and have many accomplishments that I am proud of.  These include partnering with the Big Sur Land Trust on important projects such as the Carmel River Parkway, Southbank River Trail, and the acquisition of Marks Ranch which added over 600 acres of open space to Toro Park.  Additionally, I worked to give the Carmel Valley Road Committee permanent status, by incorporating it into the General Plan. This requires that the County Public Works department consult with the Carmel Valley community on how to spend developer fees that are used to make improvements to Carmel Valley Road. I worked collaboratively with the community and various agencies, to build the climbing lane from Carmel Valley Road to Ocean Avenue that took the place of the proposed Hatton Canyon Freeway, and resulted in an immediate reduction of traffic. Additionally, I worked to make Scenic Road in Carmel a one way street, improving pedestrian safety. But what I am most proud of, is that I have served my community with passion and integrity, and I continue to be dedicated to public service. 


Steve g. Dallas Dave Potter
Occupation Mayor Self Employed Small Business Owner
Years Lived in Area 52 48
Education BS in Management Attended Allegheny College
Experience Knowing Carmel inside and out being born and raised here a huge plus!!!! I began my public service in 1986 as a member of the City of Monterey’s Architectural Review Committee, as a Planning Commissioner and then on the Monterey City Council. From 1996 - 2016, I served on the  Monterey County Board of Supervisors in District Five, representing Carmel, Carmel Valley, Big Sur, Monterey, Pacific Grove, Pebble  Beach and parts of the Salinas Valley. I served as Chair of the Board four times and participated on the Legislative Committee, Natividad Medical Center Joint Leadership Committee, Economic Development Committee, Capital Improvement Committee, and the Fort Ord Committee.
For 20 years, I served on the Natividad Medical Center Board of Trustees, the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District, the Fort Ord Reuse Authority, and the Transportation Agency of Monterey County.  I was also an alternate to the Arts Council for Monterey County and the California State Association of Counties.

I am proud to have been the longest serving government appointee to the California Coastal Commission from 1997 to 2009, and as Commissioner participated in the certification of the Local Coastal Plan that allowed Carmel-by-the-Sea to issue its own Coastal Development Permits, as well as helping to ensure the successful renovation of the Sunset Center. Currently, I sit on the City of Carmel Chamber of Commerce Board, and as Chair of the Coast Rail Coordinating Council.

Eugene Hughes did not respond.

LandWatch Monterey County compiled and distributed this questionnaire to 71 mayoral and city council candidates on the November 2018 ballot. LandWatch is a nonpartisan, nonprofit educational organization that does not endorse, support or oppose individual candidates or political parties. Replies from candidates are printed as received. LandWatch is not responsible for the content. Candidates are listed in alphabetical order. No part of this questionnaire may be reproduced without permission of LandWatch, or used in any way that may be construed to be an endorsement of an individual's candidacy or views by LandWatch.

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