LandWatch Continues to Pressure the County on GPU 2010

Since LandWatch delivered our response to the final environmental document on GPU 5, now known as GPU 2010, we have submitted an additional seven letters to the Board of Supervisors. While GPU 2010 is a significant improvement over GPU 4, it remains a deeply flawed document. Among other things, LandWatch opposes new policies which would permit cultivation on steep slopes, a practice prohibited since the 1980s. Expanding steep slope cultivation will increase soil erosion, degrade water quality and increase water demand in our water-short county. Moreover, the county has chosen to postpone addressing long-term, sustainable water supply until after it has adopted a new plan which authorizes additional growth and additional water demand. I encourage you to read our extensive comments on GPU 2010 for LandWatch’s well-established position on GPU 2010. For the latest letters, see the links below.

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posted 10.24.10