Carmel Valley Issues & Actions

Major development projects and key land use policies will affect the future of Carmel Valley. LandWatch has been working for responsible development with respect to both land use policy and large project proposals.



Current Projects in Carmel Valley:

General Issues

There are a lot of proposals in the Carmel Valley area that have required our short and long-term attention. Many of the proposals have impacts to water sources, conversion of natural lands, and traffic.

Project Proposed: 2006
LandWatch Position: Varies by Topic
Status: Varies by Topic

Rancho Cañada Village

The revised project includes a mix of uses: 130-unit residential neighborhood on 25 acres, a 1.5 acre community park, 11 acres of common area, and 40 acres of permanent open space.

Project Proposed: 2006
LW Position: Comments Submitted
Status:Planning Commission Recommended Approval

Archived Projects in Carmel Valley:

Canine Sports Facility

The Canine Sports Facility and Event Center would include daily member usage and up to “24 event days” per year. In addition to several trailers for use as an office, and for members, storage and restrooms, there would also be a fenced field, parking area and walking paths.

Project Proposed: 2013
LW Position:Opposes the Project
Project Status: Denied

Carmel Valley Master Plan Ordinance

The Board of Supervisors are working toward an ordinance to limit development via implementing a policy in the Carmel Valley Master Plan.

Project Proposed: 2000
LW Position: Reviewed, Urged Stronger Language
Status: Approved with Stronger Policy Language

Carmel Rio Road

The Carmel Rio Road project includes mixed income residential on 7.9 acres within the Carmel Valley Master Plan. 

Project Proposed: 2016
LW Position: Opposes the Project
Project Status: Denied on Appeal by Supervisors

Crossroads Village Shopping Center

This project would remodel the existing Carmel Valley Shopping Center and demolish a movie theatre and grocery store.

Project Proposed: 2004
LW Position: Requested More Review
Status: Approved

Mini-Storage Facility

A mini-storage facility is being proposed in Carmel Valley without the necessary environmental review required by CEQA. The proposal is inconsistent with the Carmel Valley Master Plan which requires a "limit on development" in the area based on the fact that the Hatton Canyon Bypass has not been constructed.

Project Proposed: 1999
LW Position: Reviewed, No Position Taken
Status: Approved

September Ranch

The subdivision of 891 acres into 94 market-rate residential lots, 15 lots or units for inclusionary housing; continuation of the existing equestrian facility open to the public on a 20.2 acre lot; and 783 acres proposed as open space.

Project Proposed: 1998
LW Position: Commented on EIR
Status: Approved

Town of Carmel Valley

After a 10-year struggle to preserve the unique beauty and quality of life in Carmel Valley, on June 2, 2009, the Monterey County Board of Supervisors finally gave local residents the chance to create their own town by setting the date for the election.

Project Proposed: 2009
LW Position: Supports the Measure
Status: The Measure Failed To Get Enough Votes

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