About Landwatch:

Using Our Land Wisely

Who will decide the use of our community's most valued resource, our land?

Who ought to be influencing our elected officials on land use issues? Will we leave it to those who make it their full-time business to profit from development? It's time for the residents, whose only profit is to live amid the beauty and health of the land, to get organized and take responsibility for its stewardship.

Land is Monterey County's most valuable resource. Planning decisions made today will affect generations to come. While some make it their business to profit from development, whether well-planned or ill-conceived, LandWatch Monterey County commits to work for the public interest.

LandWatch is dedicated to preserving our community's economic vitality, high agricultural productivity, and the health of our environment. By encouraging greater public participation in planning, LandWatch will work toward these primary objectives:

To accomplish this important work, your financial support is critical. The quality of life we enjoy today will be either preserved or compromised, depending on your involvement.