Factors Guiding LandWatch Participation In Planning Matters

LandWatch monitors land use activity throughout Monterey County, and within the cities located in Monterey County, and supports policies and actions that appropriately balance economic, environmental, and social concerns. LandWatch supports policies that adequately provide revenue to cities and the county for the services required by residents. LandWatch believes that good planning uses land efficiently, supports and strengthens existing neighborhoods through reinvestment and redevelopment, and directs new commercial and residential development to areas within city boundaries, and into already existing unincorporated urban areas, while preserving farmland, open space, natural resource areas, and sensitive habitats.

LandWatch believes that development inside city boundaries should usually be mixed-use and mixed-income, pedestrian-oriented, with a design sensitive to neighborhood character, and should offer transportation options. New development should respect or enhance natural and cultural resources, reduce water overdraft and conserve water, and reinforce existing mixed-use centers. LandWatch may seek to discourage development that does not meet all or most of these criteria. When necessary, and supported by clear justification, LandWatch may also support limited growth immediately adjacent to existing urban areas.

The following matters, processes and activities are the highest priority for LandWatch participation:

LandWatch has limited resources, and will focus its energies on projects and activities that are (1) of the greatest significance to land use in Monterey County in terms of public perception, or as planning and legal precedents; (2) that will build public support for LandWatch and help achieve its mission and goals; and (3) will likely result in a positive outcome for better land use.