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LandWatch Submits Letter on CalAm’s Water Supply Project
Cal-Am’s Water Supply Project is a proposed desalination plant that would reduce dependency on the already overdrafted Carmel River. The Draft EIR failed to analyze the project’s impact to existing water right holders in the Salinas Valley Basin, and the cumulative environmental impacts. (06.25.15)

Concerned Residents Outline Issues
Many residents have shown concern about the proposed Monterey Downs project. Check out this short article about the project, its impacts to the land, to residents and to Monterey. (06.27.15)

Judge Rules in County’s Favor
A judge has decided in the Corral de Tierra case that the County did indeed follow its due process and does have a sustainable long term water supply. The Highway 68 Coalition sued the County over the Environmental Impact Report with water being one of the main concerns. It will be interesting to see how this decision plays out for other County projects. (06.25.15)

Seaside’s Economic Analyst Reviews Project
The City of Seaside hired an independent economic analyst to review the proposed Monterey Downs project. It appears the estimates are "very aggressive." At full build out the Monterey Downs project advocates claim the City of Seaside will get $1.9 million a year in annual tax revenue. (06.17.15)

LandWatch Comments on Monterey Downs DEIR
Traffic and water were two main concerns highlighted in the letter to the City of Seaside submitted by LandWatch. Air quality, greenhouse gas emissions and process were also covered. Download the comment letter. (06.16.15)

LandWatch Submits Letter on Groundwater Project
Pure Water Monterey County is a proposed groundwater replenishment project. We submitted comments on the project’s Draft EIR with a few concerns about greenhouse gas emissions. Our comments are aimed at improving the outcome of this responsible project, because we believe recharging the groundwater basin with purified recycled water is more cost effective, less energy intensive, and less environmentally damaging than other options. (05.20.15)

LandWatch Comments on Pebble Beach Housing
LandWatch submitted substantive comments on the proposed Pebble Beach Inclusionary Housing project.  The letter outlines issues with aesthetics, air quality, jobs/housing, and biology.  (05.13.15)

LandWatch Comments on Canine Facility
LandWatch submitted substantive comments on the proposed Carmel Canine Facility.  The letter outlines issues with cumulative impacts, aesthetics, land use, air quality, water, traffic and noise. (05.05.15)

LandWatch Priorities
Ferrini Ranch Lawsuit
Harper Canyon Lawsuit
Monterey Downs Project Review
Pebble Beach Project Comments

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