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Coastal Commission Takes Control “The Collections” Permit
"The Collections at Monterey Bay" was appealed to the Coastal Commission. Apparently the Commission staff believe there are some problems with the project, including putting the underground parking in the 100 year flood inundation zone and misalignment with the Local Coastal Program. The Commission is taking control of the permit for the project. Another hearing will be scheduled in the next few months. (12.11.14)

Geophysicists Map Saltwater Intrusion
A team led by a geophysicist is mapping saltwater intrusion along the a four mile portion of the Monterey Coast. With the statewide drought additional water is being pulled from already overdrawn aquifers. Because of the this test, more information will be available about this important resource: water. Results should be available early next year. (12.08.14)

Ferrini Ranch Approved by Supervisors
In a 3-2 vote (Parker and Potter opposed), the Monterey County Board of Supervisors approved the Ferrini Ranch development in the Toro Area. (12.09.14)

Supervisors Delay Ferrini Vote
The developer of the proposed Ferrini Ranch project stated that they have tried to take in the visual characteristics of the region and design a plan that fits the locale, but dozens of residents disagreed with the project and spoke before the Board of Supervisors. The Board delayed a vote on the project until Tuesday, December 9th. (12.02.14)

CEO Says Thanks to Voters on Measure Q
Did you see the Thank You Note in the Monterey County Weekly? It was from the CEO of the Monterey-Salinas Transit, Carl Sedoryk. Sales tax measures require 66.67% of the vote to pass, Measure Q passed with 72.45% of the vote! LandWatch is proud to have supported Measure Q. (12.01.14)

Commissioner Offers View on Ferrini
Martha Diehl, a Monterey County Planning Commissioner submitted her view on the Ferrini Ranch project. She outlines three reasons why she voted NO on the project: significant visual impacts, an already overdrawn water supply, and significant, unavoidable impacts to traffic.

Monterey Downs EIR Delayed, Again
Though the Draft Environmental Impact Report for the Monterey Downs project was expected to be released Monday, November 24th… it was not. The City’s “best guess” of a new release date is the week of December 8th. (11.26.14)

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