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Cookie Cutter Houses, Who Is to Blame?
While developers are blamed for the "cookie cutter" approach, it is really the Commissions and Councils' faults that they don't require more diversity in developments. In fact, the ordinances approved by governing bodies limits the types of proposals developers and their consultants can put forth. Change the status quo, change the future of developments. (11.30.15)


New Seaside City Manager Reviews Monterey Downs
The City of Seaside has hired a new City Manager--Craig Malin. He's from Davenport, Iowa and one of his first tasks will be to meet new people and review city plans. He'll likely be reviewing the Monterey Downs project. (11.26.15)

Shop Amazon Smile it Supports LandWatch
If you shop Amazon, we'd encourage you to do two things:
  1. Start shopping on Amazon Smile and
  2. Select LandWatch as your charity of choice.
Amazon Smile allows shoppers to buy products and when eligible a portion of the proceeds goes to non-profits. We rely on support from residents, now when you shop you can still help us! (11.23.15)

Salinas Valley Groundwater Basin Survey
We just sent an email out with three options to participate in the Salinas Valley Groundwater Basin survey. Since we can't link to all three... here is a link to the email with the options. Please participate as it helps inform the outcome. It is due by Friday, December 4th. (11.19.15)

Donate to LandWatch through the Monterey County GIVES! Campaign
Every year the Monterey County Weekly selects local non-profits to support during a seven week online campaign called Monterey County GIVES! LandWatch is proud to be listed as a recipient in 2015.  For every donation LandWatch gets through the GIVES! Campaign, we receive a pro rata portion of the matching funds! Help us out and donate! The Campaign ends December 31, 2015. (11.16.15)

Two Lawsuits Left on Ferrini Ranch
Of the three filed lawsuits on Ferrini Ranch, one entity has settled: the California Utilities Service. The Service asked that the County "Drop the community services district requirement from the long list of conditions." This goes before the Board of Supervisors on November 18th. (11.13.15)

PureWatch Agreement Approved
LandWatch became an intervenor in the Cal-Am Water Supply Project primarily to ensure the Groundwater Replenishment Project, now called Pure Water Monterey, comes to fruition. Last Tuesday, the Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to approve the Pure Water Monterey project. (11.03.15)

Canine Sports Center Denied by Board
In an unprecedented move the Board of Supervisors unanimously voted to deny the Canine Sports Center. LandWatch wants to congratulate the Friends of Quail and the Carmel Valley Association for their commitment to overturning this poorly planned project. (10.27.15)

Farmworker Housing Approved
The Board of Supervisors reaffirmed the project approval for the T&A farmworker housing near Spreckels. The developer was praised for using his own money, land and resources to get the project completed. LandWatch worked to ensure a positive outcome, provided feedback on the environmental documents, and recognizes the need for affordable units for agricultural workers. A second article can be found on the Herald’s website. (09.01.15)
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Ferrini Ranch Lawsuit
Harper Canyon Lawsuit
Monterey Downs Project Review
County General Plan Settlement
Pebble Beach Project Comments

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