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Pebble Beach Approval Appealed (Page 6 & 31)
Neighbors have filed an appeal of the Pebble Beach Inclusionary Housing project less than two weeks after the unanimous decision by the Monterey County Planning Commission. The appeal has been scheduled for August 23. Residents say they want affordable housing, just not in their backyard. (06.24.16)

Transportation Measure Goes to Supervisors
The Transportation Agency of Monterey County is asking the Board of Supervisors to place the 3/8 cent sales tax measure on the November ballot. Both the Board and all 12 cities have voted to support the measure. The Agency has been doing robust outreach to the public and community groups. (06.23.16)

Pebble Beach Inclusionary Housing Approved by PC
The Monterey County Planning Commission unanimously approved the Pebble Beach Inclusionary Housing project this week. Landwatch Monterey County was proud to join a broad coalition of affordable housing and environmental groups in support. (06.08.16)

LandWatch Board Supports Transportation Measure
LandWatch now lends its support to the Transportation Agency of Monterey County for its upcoming ballot measure.  Through a 3/8 cent sales tax local transportation projects will be completed and improve the local infrastructure. (05.16.16)

Affordable Housing Project Gets Award
The Tanimura and Antle Farmworker Housing project was honored for its "Spreckels Crossing" project by the Monterey Bay Economic Partnership. LandWatch supported this project as it brings much needed affordable units to the region. (05.01.16)

Ferrini Ranch Trial Set
LandWatch filed suit on the proposed Ferrini Ranch project in January 2015.  The briefs are completed and the trial is set for September 6, 2016.  It will be heard by Monterey County Superior Court Judge Thomas Wills. (04.11.16)

City Manifest Reveals FEIR Release Information
According to the City’s March 18th Manifest Seaside planners expect the Final Environmental Impact Report for the proposed Monterey Downs project to be completed and released for public review in April.(03.29.16)

City of Monterey Approves Housing Element
More than three hours of testimony and discussion, the City of Monterey adopted its 2015 Housing Element. Concerns about affordable housing options were voiced and the City agreed to further address those issues with future policies in the next sixth months. Some feel this is a step in the right direction, while others feel it won't do much to solve the problem. (03.24.16)

LandWatch Submits Comments on LandSwap (215K PDF file)
The removal of development restrictions against residential homes in the Parker Flats area is premature and questionable.  Consistency can be judged only if the land-use designation maps and the summaries of allowable development by planning area are provided and are adequately detailed. Neither FORA nor the County has clarified the matter. (02.26.16)

Salinas Valley Basin Water will be returned to Basin
This week Cal-Am, the Salinas Valley Water Coalition, the Monterey County Farm Bureau, the Monterey Peninsula Regional Water Authority, Castroville Community Service District, and LandWatch reached a draft agreement on a term sheet whereby the Salinas Valley Groundwater Basin water pumped by the desalination plant's source wells would be returned to water users in the Basin to be used in lieu of existing pumping. (01.15.16)
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Ferrini Ranch Lawsuit
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