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Monterey Downs Vote Thursday
The City of Seaside is the Lead Agency for the Monterey Downs Environmental Impact Report (EIR). The Seaside City Council votes on Thursday, March 5 to extend (or not extend) its Exclusive Negotiating Agreement with Monterey Downs LLC (the developer). The developer has had an Exclusive Negotiating Agreement since 2010. Does it make sense to give the developer more time? Should Seaside consider other opportunities for this public property? Does the lack of water for the development concern you? Should the property remain open space for the community and region to continue to enjoy? (02.28.15)

Harper Canyon/Encina Hills Approved
Yesterday the Board of Supervisors approved in a 3-2 vote the Harper Canyon project. Planning staff are instructed to come back with the formal resolutions at a future meeting. LandWatch has serious concerns about traffic along Highway 68, the already overdrafted water basin and violations of the County's General Plan. Check out the article.(03.04.15)

Settlement Reached in Eco-Resort
Though there may be some other hurdles to clear as it relates to the actual development of the Monterey Bay Shores Eco-Resort... another hurdle, this one legal, was cleared Thursday. A settlement was officially reached before legal proceedings for a foreclosure moved forward. (02-19-15)

Fort Ord Trails Plan
About 1,200 people provided input on the Fort Ord Trails Plan and now the consultants will crunch the numbers. Some of the highlights include walkable streets, access to trails, urban-style streets with transit, and business fronts facing the street. Stay tuned as the consultants work with the input to come up with a plan. (02.12.15)

Landwatch Submits Letter on Evaluation System
LandWatch Monterey County sent a letter to the County with preliminary comments on the proposed Development Evaluation System, which will fulfill GPU 2010 Land Use policy 1.19. The comments outline concerns with inappropriate agricultural exemptions and provisions, as well as specific criteria comments. (02.10.14)

Monterey Downs Math Wrong?
An interesting development with the Monterey Downs project was reported today in the Monterey Herald. Apparently the company that completed the economic analysis for this proposed project is actually being sued by two California cities over financial calculation errors. (02.03.15)

Community Commentary on Ferrini Ranch
Check out this article written about the Ferrini Ranch project approval. Compelling arguments about the use of the 1982 General Plan, the traffic on Highway 68 and the mitigation efforts are made. (01.29.15)

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