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Ferrini Ranch Public Tour
The Monterey County Planning Commission participated in a three hour tour of the proposed Ferrini Ranch project site. The Commission will likely have it its first public hearing on Wednesday, October 8th. The Final EIR is expected out any day. (09.24.14)

LandWatch Supports Measure Q
This small, 1/8¢ special sales tax will create a stable source of local funding used exclusively to protect transit services for seniors, veterans and people with disabilities. LandWatch supports Measure Q to protect public transit services.

Foreclosure Lawsuit on Sand City Eco-Resort
It seems the Sand City eco-resort is plagued with more issues, including a foreclosure lawsuit and delays in the permit issuance. The Coastal Commission sent a letter (in late August) stating that 28 plan modifications and clarifications need to occur before the permit is issued. The foreclosure lawsuit is from the lender Fourth Third LLC alleging the developer's company defaulted on a $29.5 million loan balance. (09.18.14)

Supervisors Give Harper Canyon Time for Study
In May the Board of Supervisors allowed time for the Harper Canyon developer to review the additional over-draft potential of the Toro acquifer. Though the staff presented a resolution for denial of the project as it will require mining to access water, making it inconsistent with the General Plan. The project will be heard again December 2 by the Board. (09.05.14)

Supervisors to Decide on Capitol One Building
The Board of Supervisors is expected to vote on August 26 to relocate the District Attorney, the Water Resources Agency and maybe the Resources Management Agency to the old Capitol One building in Salinas. Supervisor Jane Parker held a community meeting to solicit input on this potential move. (08.25.14)

Veterans Cemetery Gets Environmental Approvals
The 84.4 acre Fort Ord Veterans Cemetery received environmental approvals. LandWatch and Keep Fort Ord Wild sent in comment letters stating a more thorough analysis of the environmental impacts was needed. If a legal challenge is to occur by any individual or organization with standing, it must be filed by September 14th... otherwise the project moves forward. (08.22.14)

Is Monterey Downs Getting the Fast Track?
Is Seaside fast tracking the Monterey Downs racetrack, housing project, sports center, etc.? It seems the release of the draft environmental documents will occur by the end of the month, with the project going before the Seaside City Council January 2nd. (08.21.14)

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